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Antimicrobial Powder Coatings for Architecture & Construction

Antimicrobial powder coatings meet the demand for improved hygiene and act to perfectly complement existing cleaning regimes. They allow the surfaces of any product finished with antimicrobial ranges to...

Construction and Architecture Drive Powder Coating Innovations and Trends

Architecture and construction became key drivers of powder coating technologies, thanks to the ever-increasing demand for more sustainable and high-performance coating solutions...

About Us

We are a Miami, Florida,  based company that offers environmentally sustainable powder coating solutions for all types of industries and customers...

Benefits of Powder Coating 

The main benefits of powder coating can be summarized in four aspects: economic, security, environmental, and mechanical. Additionally, it is highly sustainable...

10 Compelling Environmental Reasons to Use Powder Coatings

Powder coatings offer a world of possibilities for their aesthetic appeal, range of colors, textures, durability, quality, and of course, sustainability. We have 10 environmental reasons to prefer them...