About Coating Solutions & Quality

Coating Solutions & Quality is a Miami, Florida, based company that offers environmentally sustainable powder coating solutions for all types of industries and customers.

With the capacity to handle large volume parts up to 40'X12'X12', it is ideal to achieve attractive finishes on metal parts and other materials for building facade, logos, and structural advertising parts; as well as metal fences, rolling doors for warehouses, industrial and automotive metal parts, vehicle rims, and any other part that requires a high-quality paint finish, soft to the touch, and long lasting.

Coating Solutions & Quality works with high environmental and quality standards using completely organic powder coatings, which generate minimum waste for the surplus of the process can be collected and recycled in new painting processes. Coating Solutions & Quality's processes and quality stand out for their high performance, competitive operating costs, and believing on environmental care through the use of biodegrading organic products that minimize waste and its treatment.

The processes at Coating Solutions & Quality are highly efficient due to the speed and quality of the oven for parts up to 40 feet long, 12 feet wide and 12 feet high. We also pick up and deliver the large volume parts in South Florida to be painted in our facilities.

Coating Solutions & Quality offers an integral service, so that our customers have the best experience in the market with quality, high protection, durability, timely delivery, and excellent logistic management.


Benefits of Powder Coating 

The main benefits of powder coating can be summarized in four aspects: economic, security, environmental, and mechanical; additionally, it is highly sustainable.

Economics: the biggest benefit of powder coating has to do with efficiency and overspray. The average transfer efficiency of powder coating is 60-70% and any overspray can be recovered and reused without any wasted product.  

Safety: powder coating does not require high safety measures because the product is solid and inert and does not pose a health risk. Powder coating does not contain harmful chemicals, such as solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are normally found in liquid paints.

Environmental: as it does not contain solvents or VOCs, no damage is caused to the environment during the process, and if any waste is generated, it is not hazardous and can be disposed of with ordinary waste. In contrast, wet paint contains harmful chemicals that have been proven to deplete ozone from the atmosphere and produce highly hazardous waste.

Mechanical: powder coating is generally twice as thick as standard paint, but is notably more flexible, having the ability to bend and flex with the material to which it is applied. This makes it ideal for various industries where products are subject to a lot of vibration or twisting after painting.

Our Processes

Powder coating is a process that uses the electrostatic application of a non-contaminating organic powder, which adheres to the parts that require a paint coating to decorate and protect.

The process consists of a chemical pre-treatment of the part or parts to be painted, followed by drying, powder application and finally the final adhesion process, by placing the parts in an oven at moderate temperatures between 350ºF to 400ºF for a period of approximately 1 hour. The moderate temperatures help to maintain or conserve the original characteristics of the material being painted.

The pre-treatment or preparation of the parts requires their cleaning, eliminating humidity, grease, dust or any other dirt; this is generally done in an abrasive, mechanical or chemical way according to the material and the expected result, looking for homogeneity in the color density, high durability to the wear of the paint and corrosion.

The painting process is carried out under controlled and stable conditions to avoid the arrival of particles from the outside that generate unexpected results, and also allows the recovery of surplus paint, without generating environmental pollution by avoiding residues and volatile particles. 

The application of powder paint is done through an electrostatic charge that allows a correct and uniform adherence on the surface to be coated, observing two phenomena: first, with the positive charge applied on the powder and the negative charge on the piece to be coated, a great attraction is generated between them, facilitating a high adherence and minimum waste of raw material; second, with the positive charge applied to the powder paint particles, once adhered to the surface, it makes them repel each other, maintaining a homogeneous level of paint on the surface and avoiding areas with excess or higher density.

Subsequently, curing is carried out at moderate temperatures in an industrial oven with a capacity for pieces up to 40 feet long and 12 feet wide. In the oven there is a chemical reaction between the organic powder paint particles that harden uniformly generating a coating that protects from the external environment and delays its wear, forming a high quality, long lasting and refined aesthetic film. 

Once the curing process is completed, the parts are cooled to room temperature and delivered.